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There is a new trend in breeding.  Breeders are taking pure breed dogs and mixing them on purpose.  These dogs are being sold as "Designer Dogs" and can cost more than the pure bred dogs they came from.  In breeding the pure bred dogs you are breeding for a standard.  There are temperaments, coats, head characteristics, ears, tails, and toplines that you are aiming for and trying to produce that "perfect dog" that meets the standard. With "Designer Dogs" you are not going to get a "type" in your breeding.  You can have a whole litter that not any of the pups will share any of the same characteristics.  For this reason it will be very hard for them to breed to a set standard and the buyer is playing "Russian Roulette" with what they get.

I'm also very concerned that some of the sellers sell their puppies as registered and do not explains that they are not AKC registered.  I met a man at a party that had bought a Labradoodle (or something like that) and he insisted that his new puppy was registered with the AKC.  I explained to him that the pup may be registered, but not with the AKC. There are several requirements that must be met for a breed to be registered with the AKC.  I'm sure the man didn't believe me until he finally got his papers, but I hope he is happy with his pet.  

If you just really have a desire to own a "Designer Dog", just remember to do your research.  They are often sold with the representation that they don't carry any of the "bad things" that the pure breeds have and they are marketed as being better.  I put this type of sales as misleading and just urge you to do your homework as with any other dog you might consider buying.  I have read some articles in regards to "Designer Dogs" that refute their claims that the breeding is better than the purebred dog.  

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